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Welcome to the weather information page! On this page you can learn about the technical details concerning the weather station and its measurement instruments.

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Weather Info

Weather Station

In order to measure the majority of weather parameters, the Vaisala WXT 520 weather station is used. The weather station can measure 6 parameters; wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity.


Weather Info


Solar radiation is measured using a pyranometer from Kipp & Zonen. A pyranometer consists out of thermo-couples aligned in a circle. In the centre, the joints are blackened (warm joints). On the side, the connections are shadowed (cold joints). A transparent hemisphere isolates the thermocouples from weather influences, like wind or rain.

When solar radiation is incident on the pyranometer, the warm joints are heated, causing a voltage potential to arise between the warm- and the cold joints. This serves as a measure of the amount of solar radiation.

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